Current Openings

#1 Devops Engineer

A DevOps engineer is responsible for writing automation codes for provisioning and operating infrastructure at scale. Identifies and drives opportunities to improve automation for code deployment, management, and visibility of application services. Responsible for maintaining large computer systems for problems from a central location. Analyze problems, perform troubleshooting and incident response on the system, communicate with site technicians and track problems through to resolution. Maintain and develop new systems as needed by performing the following duties. You will work closely with our CTO to come up with new ideas that dream up exciting new ways to automate complex tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Develop amazing tools and framework to automate operational tasks, deployment of machines, services, applications.
• Develop next generation Network Automation tools and monitoring
• Establish end-to-end monitoring and alerting on all critical components of the application
• Audit existing services for problems in infrastructure with security, configuration or other possible issues
• Provide support to the infrastructure hosting Critical Dev Ops tools and Applications.
• Support engineering Linux systems.
• Be able to keep up with software development trends and innovation

Requirements :

• 2+ Years’ Experience in DevOps Engineering, team management, and collaboration.
• 2+ years in DevOps using test automation and CI/CD tools, containers, cloud infrastructure, and other modern technologies, CI/CD pipeline set up from scratch as DevOps lead.
• Experience with IaaS (Terraform or Ansible, implementing scalable cloud / On-prem based environments and systems; service-oriented architectures and microservices; deploying resilient, scalable, high-throughput systems.
• Experience in developing and maintaining CI/CD processes for enterprise SaaS and on-prem applications using tools like GitHub, Git Labs etc.
• Experience in Network Automation through Model Driven Interface (MD-CLI) YANG, gNMI, NOKIA, pySROS.
• Experience in administering Red Hat, CentOS Ubuntu Linux based systems with minimal support, to include Linux subsystems, patching, packaging (rpm), performance tuning, networking, user management, and security.
• The scope of software support includes, but not limited to, working with various Linux versions of RHEL, MAC OX, Ubuntu, Windows Server. • Experience with configuration management tools like Ansible, Salt-Stack, Chef, Puppet.
• Advanced knowledge of programming languages such as Python and NODE-JS, PHP Java and writing code and scripts.
• Experience working with virtualization Platforms as VMWare.
• Hands-on experience in building and administering VMs and Containers using tools such as Docker / VMware.
• Familiarity with logging and monitoring technologies such as grafana, slack bots.
• Strong networking knowledge and experience is highly desired, BGP, OSPF, VRPN, MD-CLI (Nokia)